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1 or 2 microphone standard setup

music video essentials live

specifics of package

a single song live - audio and video recording

multiple takes keeping the best performance

in 1 hour or less using standard setup templates


client performance 

1 or 2 microphones with their respective channels

or 2 different musicians each with a single mic

package price 

live audio and video: $200

need more than 2 mics: +$50 each

added song to session (add 30 min to session): +$50


studio session time to book

audio & video: 1 hour

have questions or need clarification?

make sure and ask

minors must be acompanied by an adult

Working with Flying Maverick Media indicates that you agree to our basic terms & conditions. Read terms here...


example of standard video template


Do you have a song you want to record live to look and sound better than just a common phone video - to share with your family, friends, posterity, and waiting fans?

This is our Music Video Essentials Live package for recording real instruments and concurrent vocal or any configuration - two mics and 2 tracks. A performer (and maybe a co-performer) comes into our home studio for a one hour session (after having well rehearsed the desired song or tune before the session) and works to get the best live take of one song that they can in the given time. The best version (or take) will then be mixed, processed, and rendered into an mp4 HD 1080p resolution. It will be a stereo audio mix master at about -12 LUFS-I. 


Included in this package: You are recorded with professional level microphones and cinema camera by an engineer that can help you capture your best live performance. Shot about 6 feet in front of a black background in our studio with 3 point lighting on the performer.

See examples.

We offer reasonable prices by following our standard studio templates and keeping it simple.

Please note: In order to publish your cover song recording as a video publicly (or otherwise) , you should get a sync-license (etc.) from the song publisher - unless, of course, you are the original composer. Permissions for use and licensing are solely the responsiblity of the client, not the studio. The same is true for obtaining any copyrights registration for an original work.


Also, when recordings like this are done live with multiple mics, there will be a certain amount audio bleed between them and the parts cannot be 100% isolated.  This recording is treated differently than a one-track-at-a-time recording. No pitch correction will be used.


Any added work requested by the client beyond this package will be billed at the standard package addon rate upon approval. The discretion of reasonable processing and time spent on this recording package is up to the studio.... However, we do our best for you to have a successful product!

Flying Maverick Media reserves the right to refuse inapropriate projects for our studio based on content etc.

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