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graphic design

& calligraphy





larger ongoing projects

standard rates

live stage sound

day rate:

$550 + rentals/extras

live stage sound

1/2 day rate:

$400 + rentals/extras

audio recording, editing, mixing, etc:

$55 / hr

in-studio block audio recording session:

$40 / hr

audio addon

rate: $40 / hr

request an estimate for your project


Our standard rates apply when we do not have a defined package otherwise. We can work on any project you like that we can imagine (and that we have the wherewithal to do). It can be in the realm of graphic design, audio books, poetry reading, voiceover work, guitar playing, piano work, singing, project album or EP, a combined project of graphics & audio, mobile recording, Live stage sound, and more. The same rates apply to non-studio use of the recordist's time - such as editing, mixing, etc. For the non-booked time, you normally receive the same rate as what was applied to your session.

...and tell us a little about your project and request an estimate. even if your budget is tight, we may have a solution for you.

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