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The Hero Navigator Project

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

The beating heart of independent education

creation in progress by Flying Maverick media

We are raising seed funds for the development of, arguably, the most important independent educational software ever.

What is the hero navigator?

It's the beating heart of independent education. If you don't know how to proceed with education - this is the solution. If you do know how - this is the tool to help you save loads of time and fill educational gaps better. What do independent educators need? They need something that can make implementing, organizing, tracking, navigating, and integrating educational paths a delight for all aspects of education. Hero Navigator (HN) is meant to help you organize and assign just the right amount of work to each involved student, define educational expectations, establish reasonable goals, and let you keep track of the progress of your students. This application is designed to navigate and integrate computer learning, book learning, and real-world learning.

HN is a digital software and system infrastructure in development that we are calling an Independent Educational Navigation System (IENS). It's a game changer and a great way to help expand educational choice. It was first developed by one mom and then used by other home educators in a manual spreadsheet system. Now officially in development, it will be turned into an automated cloud-based software that is browser based and works on mobile devices. Let's help independent educators navigate the journey that our young heroes are embarking on!

Who can make good use of hero navigator?

Of course, Hero Navigator can be used by home educators - for regular and special needs. And even more than that, it will also be just as usable as the core educational system by small emerging private schools, special needs educational co-ops, after school programs, professionals looking to track and maintain their ongoing education - for a competitive edge, military families that move around a lot, retraining programs for the elderly, and anyone that is looking for educational freedom - in groups or as individuals. Help us raise the finances so that we can prove what we are claiming. We cannot do it without help from you.


This is the first of the three videos we originally created to submit our project for different grants.

let's make home education easier

Hero navigator can be used to:

  • Implement educational courses and curriculum – paper, digital, and real world

  • Use predesigned courses and curriculum

  • Create and design custom courses and curriculum

  • Create and design hybrid courses and curriculum

  • Set and follow educational goals – as ambitious as you like

  • Compile an educational portfolio

  • Track various educational activities – such as viewed educational YouTube videos

  • Track extracurricular activities

  • Centralize and keep track of therapies (especially for special needs folks)

  • Track and organize any and all secondary learning

  • Keep students that live in multiple households on track

  • All sorts of cool bells and whistles are already thought of and are being planned to be added to the navigator over time!


This was the second of the three videos we originally created to submit our project for different grants. The thumbnail image in the video below is a mockup of the proposed dashboard of HN.

Make education a delight


This was the third of the three videos we originally created to submit our project for different grants. Three different families talk about some realities, loves, and problems with home education - why they do it, including some painful realities with public school education and special needs issues.

Every hero has a journey

The problem and the solution

All of our children have something wonderful about them. It can be very hard to watch from the edge as unnecessary poor treatment and poor education is doled out to them making them shrink. Some people adjust well to this and plow through and overcome it, many others don’t - especially special needs children – and this is unacceptable to us. One way to have control over how your child is treated is to bring them home. We believe that a home based or independent education is a great solution for many folks – especially for folks that get lost in the conventional system. However, a lot of would-be home educators or small private schools haven’t decided to take the big plunge because they are afraid they won’t know what to do or how to stay on track after they begin. They may even think that they are not qualified. This is a solid concern.

The same problem confronted us too, but we didn’t turn back. We pushed forward and eventually found an effective solution. Early on though, it took Liesl (the system creator) eight hours or more every week (with her solution) just to plan all the week’s educational agenda for our four kids. But, this ate into a portion of time the family could be doing something productive. This led to a pre-planning system that cut the weekly planning time down to about thirty minutes each week – a sixteen fold improvement! The basic system was in place after that. The manual spreadsheet version helped a number of families, but would work much easier if it were in software form. It can also work better if there were a community and infrastructure of sorts to help advise parents and tutors. That is another way we want to help. It could be very much like going from an old balance sheet method of accounting to using modern accounting software. The old method worked, but the new and automated method really cuts down on time spent. And, we can program in all sorts of interesting features that can add serious value and help people compete better educationally – even after college is long since passed and one is well into the world of life, work, and supporting a family.

Competitive edge

Professionals looking for a competitive edge can also use Hero Navigator too! It could be used to track all books read, educational videos watched, random classes completed – online and in person, and to help compile resumes and curriculum vitae.

We really need your help!

The Hero Navigator project needs every bit of support it can get. Software creation is a very expensive proposition. Flying Maverick Media has already begun the data modeling process. And, we will get all the way to beta testing and beyond if everybody that can financially contribute is generous. We can accept one-time donations, or we can accept monthly recurring donations of smaller, more manageable amounts. If you want to be a future major investor, contact us and we will get back to you and discuss options.

Our first major goal is to have beta testing happening by the end of this year! It can happen if enough folks chip in. This tool can help to give all of us more confidence and independence in our own education! If you are one of the donors, you will be one of the first contacted to have the option of participating in beta testing, and maybe even user-acceptance testing. You could be part of the educational leading edge!

Please, please, tell your friends and family and everyone you know that could benefit from this program.

If you aren't contributing, we probably won't get there! If $5 a month is all you can do - please do it - this is a collective effort.


Soon, we will try to have a Navigator newsletter that will give project updates and such on a regular basis.

Contribute $3 - $100 monthly

$5, $10, $100 or any amount!



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